Investors in Private Equity (Investment in unlisted companies) rely above all on a team that performs and is called upon to grow and transform. To do this, the investment fund's Operating Partners are often in constant contact with the company's operational teams. They are in partnership with the invested companies.

Coaching is precisely a partnership between the client and the coach.

Here are some cases of classic companies that can be followed in coaching:
o A pharmaceutical company strongly grows and expands nationally. The young financial controller has just been promoted to financial director, his vision of the company must be broadened and today he must help the general manager to find which sectors should improve in the company.
He realizes through coaching that he must rely on external resources that will be financed by investors. He will also have to raise the skills of his team, a coach will be there for him.
o A young COO (Chief Operating Officer) has grown her business but not everyone follows her in her team. His limiting beliefs handicapped the team's capacity for innovation, which found itself saying: "Since he does things well, let him do it!" ".
Through coaching, having her work on herself and how she saw herself, her team and what was possible, but also on her assumptions, the whole team re-energized and grew in pace of business growth.

Very often the recurring themes of Private Equity are:
Improve interactions with Investors or the Board
Engage and encourage teams
Become a more operational CFO
Recover flexibility in times of significant overload
Development of assertiveness
Increase your impact - Communicate with impact
Create Membership
Improve the quality of the information transmitted
Improve team relationships